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MNF Cachet

There was a time when Monday Night Football felt like a national event to me. Shifting from over-the-air ABC to the cable ESPN didn't make a lot of people happy, but the fact is that most Americans have some sort of access if they want these days.

But the specialness of Monday Night Football has been waning for me. Oh, MNF is on? Let me check the TV listings to see who is playing.

Back in the day, certainly when I was in college in the 70s, playing on any day other Sunday in the NFL was rare, so every commentator on any of the games would mention the Monday night lineup. Alas, Sunday's near monopoly is broken. We have NBC's Sunday Night Football, with the provocative lead-in Football Night in America pregame show, trying to be a national football. I rarely watch SNF.

And the NFL Network, in order to get more people to cough up premium channel payments, done Thursday night games hidden from the great unwashed public.

So the cachet that Monday Night Football had as a national special game has been diluted. No wonder they don't get me as a viewer any more. And you know that this isn't just me -- in the old days the other broadcast networks pretty much threw up their hands going up against the ABC Monday Night Monopoly. No one is too worried about competing with ESPN.

You could argue that with the expansion of television from three or four channels to hundreds was going to have an effect anyway. So there you go.

So it's rare when I make an effort to watch Monday Night Football. Rarer still to have two teams I can root for. And we're in especially rarified territory when we get a good game.

I watched most of the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers in Legenday Lambeau Field. (insert dramatic deep voice intoned the name of the stadium)

I started watching, and dying, with Da Bears back in the Bumbling Bob Avelini era in the mid 70s. And moving to the U.P. in 1984 brought us to a land which looked more to Wisconsin than Lower Michigan, so we got the Packers every week.

All this to say that in some sense I couldn't lose and actually enjoy the game.

Oh, and Chicago won 27-20, scoring an important field goal in the last minute, after a whole game of lead changes. Yay. Boo. Go Bears.

For those of you who read this blog and don't give a flying fig for football (FFFF™), what are you doing here? (snicker)

Dr. Phil

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