They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

I'm Regusted


I am resigned.

Despite the cries of millions on Facebook, who all said, "NO-OOOOOOOOOO!", there is no stopping the juggernaut flood that is the Way Too Damn Early Christmas Commercial.

After railing against Lifetimes' Christmas movie marathon week, I saw one of those Give An Expensive Car For Christmas commercials -- this one from Infinity. Then it was a K-Mart commercial taunting Christmas layaway -- which in early November actually makes some kind of sense, if not a practical reasonableness.

But it's Thursday, just one week into November, and suddenly it's Christmas on television. Because nothing celebrates the season more than conspicuous consumption. And given the crushing density of shoppers from Black Friday until the 24th of NEXT month, if you don't shop NOW you will be shut out of all the cool gifts that will buy another year of friendships and love.

It's too early. I saw a few ads before Halloween and yet hoped that ratings and focus groups would deter the multitude from advertisers. But in 2013, we've lost the war. We've lost our minds.

I think we're just going to give baked goods this year...

Dr. Phil

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