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A Busy Day

Mrs. Dr. Phil took the day off so we could get to a couple of doctors' appointments. First up was my podiatric surgeon. She'd set up the appointment the week before she was scheduled to have a baby. The original goal was primarily toenail clipping -- she'd rather patients like me not trim their own, and given my current flexibility, a good thing. Except...

First, checking in for my ten o'clock appointment, they were surprised. My doctor was at the Holland site today? Uh, no one said anything about a once a month Holland time. Especially since Holland is closer and easier to get to than 1400 Lake at East Paris on the far side of Grand Rapids. And even without the other doctor on hand being booked solid, I really wanted my surgeon to see my heel, because...

Second, the area of my wound where all that new tissue met the old foot had started seeping on Friday. Not a lot, but enough to show up as a sock stain and be controlled by a small pad changed twice a day. I, of course, had called it in to the visiting nurses on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday -- and someone finally looked at it yesterday.

So... we managed to get an 11:30 appointment in Holland. It was a beautiful day to shoot across West Michigan on I-196. Sunshine, blue skies, some remarkable orange and dark orange autumn trees. Temp in the 40s and I was wearing shorts to make it easier to take off the AFO, but had brought a good autumn colored woven blanket. And we had time to stop at the bagel store and buy a fresh round of bagels -- and an egg bagel, lox and veggie cream cheese with capers and thinly sliced tomato sandwich for later. I'd been "cheated" out of my lox & cream cheese bagel sandwich this summer -- we buy them to eat on the road to Chicago, but I didn't get a summer one-day roundtrip Chicago run this year.

Last year we watched them erect the Spectrum facility in Holland, just off US-31 on Lakeview. It even connects to the northbound US-31 exit ramp at the light for easy access. Despite the scheduling confusion we got in early, got the toenails trimmed and a new bandage for my seeping heel wound. She's arranging for the visiting nurses to change the dressing three times a week, rather than us on our own. I can deal with that. We don't want to lose all the advances I've made in rehab, but I will take it a bit easier at home to take the stress off the wound. It may have opened up from friction with the compression stocking I had put back on my left leg -- we'll stop that for a while.

Next appointment before Thanksgiving.

Then it was off across the road and up US-31 and back to Allendale. Our bagel sandwich had been cut in half and we ate it all up, then headed into the doctor's office. Weight was some 355 lbs. versus the 346 lbs. in Holland. Despite appearances due to readings to tenth of a pound, there is certainly some error between scales. So these readings are consistent with the 352 lb. reading just before I left the hospital. Consider that on 1 May in this same office I came in around 452 lbs. So the hundred pound loss is holding after several months. The new me?

I came out of the hospital with some 13 prescription and OTC medications -- we're working on trying to wean them down. My doctor was very happy to see me up and about. Oh, and since I had the clogged lung in June, I asked about, and got, a pneumonia shot, having gotten this year's flu shot before leaving the hospital.

All in all, I did pretty well today. Four boardings and disembarkings from the Bravada, used the walker at the two Spectrum facilities, two canes through the narrower doors of the doctor's office. And I actually got up those three steep steps into the house in almost a reasonable effort. (grin)

Of course I noticed that the right front tire on the Bravada, which was recently replaced, looked low. Mrs. Dr. Phil ran it by the shop -- as expected a rim leak due to the corrosion of the aluminum. But... it's never so easy. When the Bravada was on the lift, the rear brakes were about to fall apart. So Mrs. Dr. Phil came home in some Buick crossover. And it's a totally good thing that wheel and brakes were found before they failed. (double-trouble-grin)

Like having a leaky heel wound right when I had an appointment. Serendipity.

Dr. Phil

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