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One Small Step For A Man...

I never particularly thought about it -- how steep the three steps from garage floor to first floor were. Oh sure, at the end of the day it was a chore to drag this bulk upwards, but I just dealt with it.

As I've said before, the problem manifested as a 24½" rise in three steps, or roughly 8" steps. I didn't think it would be so hard, but the stairs in the PT gym turned out to be 6" stairs, not 7" as I was originally told. And 7" or so in the stairwell. When the too-early home visit came in September, those damned extra inches -- coupled with the lack of a railing -- made a difficult climb.

I've had to do it five times now: home visit, coming home, with PT and OT therapists, back from the movies last Sunday and yesterday coming back from A Day At The Doctors.

But no more.

This afternoon we had the stairs replaced. With four stairs, they are now about 6" high. And the tread is wider. And we've got an iron pipe railing rigidly attached to the wall studs. Even had the loose nails of the top railing replaced with screws.

This will make life so much easier for me. For Mrs. Dr. Phil. For guests. Even if I regain the strength and freedom of movement, we're not getting any younger, as they say...

That leaves the steep steps to the basement, but there's a railing and I already had ways of dealing with it after I compressed my leg nerve. Though I have not needed to try this yet.

And getting into and out of the driver's side of the Bravada and Blazer. I'll show 'em! I'll do it!


Dr. Phil

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