They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Another Achievement Unlocked

A busy day here in the wild fields of Allendale. Both my OT and PT therapists overlapped today so we could work on the new steps. And then in the garage see if I could get into the driver's side of the Blazer.

The new steps -- piece of cake, both down and up. As for the Blazer, the first attempt to get my right leg up and under the steering wheel worked, but my left leg was too far out to get my butt on the seat. So reposition my feet and try again. Success. Actually, it might even be easier with the AFO brace on my left foot than before. Especially with the getting out, because I had a tendency for the left foot to catch on the hood release lever and sometimes pop the hood when I got out. No troubles today.

I got in and out twice, so yay -- proof of ability. Also tried to start the Blazer. Mrs. Dr. Phil had tried it when I got home, but the battery was too low. Yeah, we haven't charged it yet, but there are a couple of tricks to try. Which I did. And no, the Blazer didn't start -- the battery was too low. (grin)

Also came up with some new exercises to prepare for someday working on floor transfers. I can get the right knee up on the bed, but just not quite the left. But both work on the straight back chair in the bedroom. And I could bend down with the left knee extended, but we're a long way from getting the knees on the ground. The AFO, which does such a good job in allowing me to walk, doesn't bend very well -- which is reasonable since its job is to limit how far the left foot bends.

Rehab is complicated. But we are definitely moving towards driving on my own and switching to outpatient rehab.

In other news, my contract letter from WMU for the Spring (i.e. Winter) 2014 Semester arrived on Saturday. I've signed it, copied it and now just need an envelope and stamp to be able to mail it back.

Onward, ever onward on this Veteran's Day.

Dr. Phil

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