They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Progress Towards Transition

We're beginning to wind down the home care. Today was the last day for the Home Health Aide -- the "bath lady" -- and given the dressing on the heel, it was another sponge bath and not a shower. But I did most of the surface area myself. The new trick was washing my hair in the kitchen sink, since I can't get into the shower right now, nor get on my knees to bend over the tub. The plus was that the kitchen sink has a sprayer hose. (grin)

One of the adventures of home health care is the timing. The HHA was scheduled to come at 1pm. Then called to ask if noon worked. Then 12:30. She finally got here at 1:45. This made life exciting, since PT was scheduled to come at 2:30. Fortunately it worked out perfectly.

As for PT, just since Monday I've picked up more range of motion towards being able to do a floor transfer. I like my ability to make progress every time. We're scheduled right now for just one more week -- one OT and two PT -- but that can change. Next Friday we are going to attempt getting down on my knees again. (grin)

As for outpatient PT care, I have previously done some PT at the Allendale Spectrum facility. But to get the same therapist as before, I have to wait to Thursday December 5th. Now you can see why PT at home might extend an extra week -- having my old therapist do the eval is much preferred. We scheduled through the first week of class in January.

It looks indeed that I will someday get some semblance of my life back, come the New Year.

Also coming up on the 30th day of being home, so it was time to renew most of my prescriptions -- we're cutting back on two and I'll be weaned from them in time to not renew them. (grin)

This weekend we'll get to another movie, I'm sure, and I'll see if I can get into the driver's side of the Bravada. And drive. The PT therapist said this was a good idea, especially as they recommend that a first drive after a long hospital stay be done with another driver available. Sometimes it is too hard, though I don't anticipate any troubles.

Not bad for the Ides of November. Onward!

Dr. Phil

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