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Best New Commercial

In the background I've got the Travel Channel nattering on about fast foods around the world. Czech McDonald's sound particularly amusing.

Then there's this commercial. Clearly some high end resort and spa -- the huge open but comfy looking rooms with hot tubs, etc. gives the clue here. And we're hearing this vibrato voice. Clearly it's someone saying Ah-hhhhhhhh which being pounded on the back by a masseuse.

Okay, but here's where the commercial becomes great. It's not one masseuse, but three. And they're not really masseuses, but Blue Man Group using tipani sticks. Then the one on the right puts down his sticks, picks up the woman's right foot, then by bending the leg at the knee, back and forth, he can modulate the volume.


And this time, I can actually remember who the commercial is for, making it an effective commercial. It's for Monte Carlo. Ah, an Internet check shows it turns out it's Monte Carlo Las Vegas, so take it down a notch for remembrance.

Article and video here.

Now if Blue Man Group was really giving rhythm massages, I might be really impressed. (grin)

And Then There Are The Others

As we approach the commercial Christmas season, which in 2013 may have started at Labor Day (snicker), we see more of other commercials. Chia Pet, of course. And then food processing items. In the past we got the Salad Shooter. Today I saw two more.

There was the Turbo Cooker or Turbo Roaster or something with the magic Dr. Phil sales word "Turbo" in it. A glass jar with a crooked tube coming out of the lid. You fit the end of the tube into the cavity of a fowl, chicken or turkey, stuffed or unstuffed. Steam from the liquid in the jar helps cooking from the inside. It's a variation on the low tech vertical beer can chicken roaster, except this one cooks horizontal.

Then there's the device with some blades to slice thin strips of zucchini or other vegetable to make pasta-like ribbons in two sizes. Better than pasta! Gluten free! Dietary heaven!

These things always crop up at Christmas, I guess as stocking stuffers or other gifts. Tons of inventors always trying to Improve The Human Condition. Or make a fortune. They mostly disappear quickly, either by not selling or quickly saturating a limited market. People are always looking for the next big labor saving or unique device they didn't know they needed, at least for those of a particular socioeconomic level. As in I doubt these will grace the kitchen of the Trumps or Kardashians or Gates. (grin) Although I'm not so sure about the latter. It might appeal to geek sensibilities and testing. (big-grin)

And it will all double down in the next weeks...

Dr. Phil

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