They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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Another Market Passing

Over on Facebook, Jeffrey Ford reports he's been told that Electric Velocipede is closing. EV was one of those unique magazines, that like Lady Churchill' s Rosebud Wristlet (Small Beer Press), is hard to categorize. I'm pretty sure I submitted stories there, in the hope that they might be considered special enough to appear there. Alas, twas not to be.

I never had a subscription, but the couple of print copies I have were outstanding. And they managed a long run. Starting in 2001, EV published issues 1-22 in print until 2011, and survived online from issues 23-27 in 2013. A dozen years is amazing, given the number of small markets that I have noted coming and going since 2002. And getting good reviews and a Hugo? Exceptional.

The Electric Velocipede website hasn't confirmed this, so maybe I'm guilty of spreading rumors -- I would hate to give a signal boost to an error and if EV intends to survive or some new owner steps in, I will rejoice -- but I wanted to celebrate their work. And mourn their loss.

Sometimes it seems that all the SF/F/H markets are going away. That's not true, though I tend to comment on this blog more about passing than tenuous creations. But to read stories -- or even more mercenary, to have markets to sell stories to -- requires support by readers. Something we tend to forget in an age of so much free Internet content.

Dr. Phil

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