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Snug At Home... For Now

There is sunshine outside in this waning afternoon, with gray skies overhead. That wasn't the case a few hours ago. A series of severe storms made diagonal lines as they crossed Lake Michigan. The same storm that caused a two hour delay at Soldier Field in the Ravens-Bears game, was also hitting us at the same time. Wind gusts over 60mph, heavy horizontal rains, hail up to an inch in size in a few places -- some hail in Coopersville about eight miles from us. Several possible tornado sightings in West Michigan -- including one in Walker less than twenty miles from us.

Channels 8/41.1 and 13 were in Weather Disaster Mode. One of the stations commenting that they had four meteorologists in the station on a Sunday afternoon, so you knew it was serious. Several communities northeast and southwest of us were advising residents to get to a safe place Right Now. Several of the fire departments around Holland, I believe it was, brought in everyone and had everyone in gear ready to go, mutual aid already in place. Maybe 20,000 in West Michigan without power -- the crews stop working when the winds are above 45mph.

At a golf course maybe west of us, they had video of nearly all the lamp posts in the parking lot blown over, facing the same way. Same type of tall lamp posts they use at Holland 7, so it's just as well we passed on going to the movies this Sunday.

Despite the lull right now, the pine trees aren't even swaying right now, the Severe Weather Watch continues through about 3 or 4 am. More winds forecast above 50mph.

In general, despite many of my reports over the years, our slice of West Michigan gets some serious weather, but the worst has gone around us and plagued others. And I don't want to mock the All Bad Weather All The Time mode of some of the TV stations, because there really are lives and property at risk.

But it does serve to remind us to pay attention to the weather. That we can't just cavalierly ignore it and assume as First World 21st Century residents that we can blithely do what we want to do whenever we want.

I was going to try driving for the first time today. And charge the battery on the Blazer. Wisely, we passed on both of these. (grin)

It's 5:25pm EST and the Bears have just taken their first lead in a still blustery and rainy game which started nearly 4½ hours ago. And they only just started the fourth quarter.

Dr. Phil

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