They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

And Into The Dark

Nearly 200,000 Consumers Energy customers are without power across Michigan. Don't know about all the other utilities, but Indiana Power and Light serves some of the southwestern corner of the state, maybe another 30,000 out there? If I remember the news just now. Once or twice we've had a flicker, but we do have the Kohler automatic 12kW generator if needed.

All evening there's been a steady roar outside, punctuated by heavy gusts slamming into the house. By morning the gusts to 50mph should be down to gusts to 30mph.

Last night the temps were in the 60s until I went to bed. Still 57°F around noon. I guess the temp peaked at around 64°F to 68°F -- and dropped ten degrees when the storm front went through. 46°F into the evening. 39°F now.

I mention these not to brag or whine or shock, but because I get fascinated by the weather. It's mid-November and, as the Gordon Lightfoot song goes, the gales of November are something to be reckoned with. We're better at -- though not perfect -- predicting weather, so I hope that the ship's at sea in the Great Lakes weren't out in this. Or at least knew what they're doing.

I'll stay ashore, thank you. And hunker down in my little house. The one with the hurricane rated roof.

Dr. Phil

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