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Legendary ConFusion Without Me

ConFusion 2014 -- 17-19 January 2014, Doubletree Inn, Dearborn MI

It's never too early to schedule SF/F cons for 2014. Besides Detcon 1 come July, there's one of my favorite cons, also in Michigan -- Legendary ConFusion at the Doubletree Inn, Dearborn MI, 17-19 January 2014.

We have Guests of Honor, and they are LEGENDARY!

• Guest of Honor, Mike Carey -- Author of the Felix Castor novels, and a writer for both Marvel and DC Comics
• Artist Guest of Honor, Rich Morris -- Writer and artist behind Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
• Gaming Guest of Honor, S2 Games -- Creators of the Heroes of Newerth, from Kalamazoo, Michigan
• Science Guest of Honor, Ian Tregillis -- Physicist and author of the Milkweed Triptych
• Honored Fan, Mark Bernstein -- Longtime Detroit-area fan, convention planner, and musician
• Subterranean Press Special Guest, Jacqueline Carey -- Author of the Kushiel's Legacy series among many, many other books
Alas, as with Windycon in Chicago last weekend, I will have to miss this year's ConFusion. I'll only have just gone back to work, and I think it would be pushing things to schedule a trip across the state. And I won't arrange to be on any panels I can't commit to. Sigh. No reading, either.

FYI -- Be on the lookout for another Confusion held the same damn weekend. Further Confusion "is one of the world's largest anthropomorphic (or "furry") conventions", held in San Jose CA. Their 15th. Our 39th. Accept no substitutes!

Anyway, ConFusion is well run, has a superb KidsFusion track if you need to make it a family affair, and attracts a lot of great writers and, with Windsor ON Canada close by, brings in a goodly Canadian contingent as well.

Highly Recommended

Dr. Phil

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