They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

A Busy Monday Afternoon

Ended up with three visitors today. I was expecting two, but the visiting nurse called and said they wanted to redo the dressing on my heel three times a week, not twice a week. Since 3x was what the original call from the foot surgeon was, I got no problems with that. Good news is that seeping has slowed down to almost nothing and it's clear. Go me.

Then OT came by. We practiced getting into the Blazer, this time with jeans instead of the sweat shorts. Despite the higher resistance, it went well. At this point we've accomplished pretty much everything that needed Occupational Therapy, so they were going to sign off on the home OT portion of my rehab as completed.

PT was going to come by and overlap, but as easily happens with home care, they were delayed. Since we'd already done the car transfer, it was time to exercise the left knee as one works toward a floor transfer. Previously I was unable to get the left knee up on the bed. Today I got the right knee up, but couldn't quite get the left high enough -- it caught on the curved edge of the covers.

But... if I started with the left knee, and after a few tries I could get that on the bed, I went and tried to haul the right up, too. Success! Now I had my hands and knees on the bed, I could move a bit, then roll onto my side. Other than having my feet -- and that includes the shoes and the AFO -- off of the bed, this isn't too far from what I have to do to get onto the floor. From there I managed to roll back on my knees, get up on my hands and knees, and back off and the get my feet planted on the floor and stand up. Yay!

And then I repeated this two more times.

I tell you, I keep making incremental progress every therapy session. And after a while, you get another breakthrough.

Whew, that was enough for today, along with some free standing, free turnarounds of 180° and 360°, and a few little steps of free walking. Later this week, we might try getting on my knees or at least one knee on the floor again.

With home nursing expected to continue for a couple of weeks and Allendale PT not able to start until December 5th, we'll probably have PT coming here at least once once during Thanksgiving week. And one the next week.

As of today, I've been home a whole month -- thirty days. At times I feel completely at home, as if the hospital was just a dream. But then I realize that my senses are out of whack -- my body is waiting for summer to come, not winter. My Year Without A Summer just feels weird. 1% of my life.

Please don't try it yourself. (grin) Or if you do, make sure you pay attention and do (or try) everything they tell you to do. It's the only way.

Dr. Phil

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