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They Didn't Ask Me

Rush Hour(s)

Midday ended up pretty busy here at Le Chez Home Rehab. First up was the RN to do the heel dressing. The seeping is way down, we never had to add or change 4x4 gause pads on the outside of the dressing. And it is looking better, for them what can see on the bottom of my foot. Memo to self -- need to get a mirror to put on the floor so I can see the bottom of my feet. (grin)

While the RN was here, the PT therapist showed up, apologizing for being late. Uh, no, I had you written down for 2:30, so you're early. But... you get to see the heel which caused all this trouble and is usually encased in socks, AFO and shoes. So after the RN was done, we did some more kneeling on the bed, then tried to see how low I could get one knee. Started with setting the right knee on a footstool, maybe 7-8" high. Then stretched to get the left knee low, but still an inch or so off the floor. Left knee still relearning how to bend that far. Without the stool, I got the right knee down to about 5" above the floor. Go me.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, my leg lifts-and-holds are about equally high for both left and right, equally long in duration and equally steady. That's something I couldn't do just a few weeks ago, on all three counts. Now we add in straight leg lifts -- okay, that needs some work. (grin)

So last week was supposed to be my last with the HHA bath lady. But due to a scheduling snafu -- the order wasn't cancelled after the meeting last week -- since they had the HHA scheduled to come today, I took advantage of the opportunity to refine my strategies for bathing. All clean and shiny again.

Next week gets complicated with Thanksgiving, a visit to the foot surgeon, a long delayed dentist appointment and might as well throw in a fasting morning before that visit to get my annual cholesterol check... before the holidays. Last week I checked with my dentist to see if there was a problem with teeth cleaning versus the Xiralto blood thinner I'm still on. I knew that there could be issues with blood thinners and dental work, but they said that was more of a problem with tooth extraction, not cleaning.

Anyway, I'm likely to get just one PT at home next week, 'cause of the holiday. No worries, mate.

Meanwhile I got another backup Windows XP notebook up running and with firewall & antivirus updated. That will give me another Microsoft Office 95 capable machine at work when I go back. The Nikon D1 and D1X cameras had their old NiMH batteries survive 5½ months without losing their memories -- now have to check their clocks for the time change and get the Kodak DVD Pro SLR/n FX camera operational as well. Time to write stories and take pictures again. (busy-grin)

Gas Pricing

With ol' Dr. Phil laid up and hiding in hospital rooms, you've not be subjected to the Allendale gas pricing report. Since I've been home, it seems to have jumped around a bit -- one 25¢/gal rise I could only attribute to Exxon worrying about the Phillippines? Anyway, Tuesday when I drove for the first time, I noted that regular in town was $3.14.9/gal. Last week Mrs. Dr. Phil scored a buck a gallon off coupon at Family Fare, which she used yesterday at $3.11.9/gal ==> $2.11.9/gal. The coupon, which expired today, would have net us even more, as gas went down on the Friday before a holiday to $3.07.9/gal. Ah, well, I shan't complain.

Dr. Phil

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