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Media Overload

Right now I've got Whadya Know? With Michael Feldman from NPR on the radio (technically from PRI not NPR, but I'll let the bean counters worry about that crap) and I was just cruising for Saturday football games starting at noon. Managed to stumble on the Michigan State versus Northwestern in a sunny, but cold Evanston IL on ESPN at the first play from scrimmage. Cool! When I was in the hospital, the Big Ten Network showed a number of NU games, and then the Wildcats were in the Top 25 for a while, but lately... we don't get the Big Ten Network anymore and not much coverage elsewhere.

But when I turned the TV on at noon, it was still set on Food Network and they were just starting their Thanksgiving Live call-in show. But what amused me was that Bobby Flay and Giada Di Laurentiis were both wearing glasses. Alton Brown doesn't count, as he's a known four-eyes. (grin) Guess it was rather early to stab your eyes with contacts on a bright television set -- and as a live show it would be less controlled than a regular episode taping. And it's a Saturday. Still, I thought it was amusing.

Poll question: To brine or not to brine the turkey? Wet brine 58%, dry brine 17%, No brine 25%. We did a wet brine of Turkey thighs and wings -- both of us being dark meat aficionados -- and it worked so well last year, we plan on it again this year. Also video of Bobby Flay trying to deal with a turkey blazing bright with flames in the oven -- it doesn't always go right even for the pros. (double-turkey-grin)

Oh, and some caller on Skype said to Bobby, keep the glasses on, they look great. So I'm not the only nut in America who noticed. Through my glasses.

End of 1st quarter -- MSU-0 NU-3 -- and now not only has Northwestern been marching down the field again, they get to have the bitter wind at their backs for the 2nd quarter. And now losing 7-3.

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