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Oh And Another Thing

I was going to mention this in an aside in the previous post reviewing Catching Fire... But in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, I saw an amusing book ad along the edge of the page -- Before Katniss Was A Volunteer, Tally Was An Ugly.

Of course, this is reference to the four books in the Uglies trilogy: Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras by Scott Westerfield -- which I reviewed here.

Fuller copy from another source:
Before Katniss Everdeen volunteered at the Reaping, Tally Youngblood was scheduled to become a Pretty. In a world where everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen that makes them supermodel beautiful, Tally discovers the truth about what life as a Pretty really means. To rebel against society isn't an easy task, and Tally is about the find out the hard way what it means to try and change the world.
Now I'm not knocking The Hunger Games series here -- I am a fan of both series.

But it amusing to see publishers try to connect the dots between books. To catch the fire, so to speak, from one series to another. And to appreciate just how fickle readers are, such that megahits don't necessarily cross over, as I mentioned in the lack of overlap between The Hunger Games and Twilight.

And given the revolution against a beautiful utopia, I think the possibility of overlap between The Hunger Games and the Uglies series to potentially much higher. And good for making a new generation of SF readers. (sly-grin)

Dr. Phil

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