They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

And People Pay Money For These

Or worse, design them themselves.

Via Facebook, 10 of the worst design logos. Some are just poorly implemented. Some are just dumb. Some are either the work of deranged minds -- especially when the only explanations are either malicious or total failure by everyone to pass any sort of Rorschach test...

I mean, I will concede that in reading this sort of article one is already sensitized to failure modes. But really? The "alternative" meanings are so obvious, none of them took more than 0.05 seconds to register. In fact, some of them I had trouble seeing what the designer saw or how the hell the businesses greenlit these.

Design is not a trivial process. It should be left to professionals who know what they're doing. And then let them. I am tired of hearing horror stories about designers being asked to work with no time or no money... Or both. And stories about corporations, big ones, spending fortunes on logos like NBC, only to find it nearly identical to Nebraska Public Television's.


Dr. Phil

UPDATE: 12-11-2013 Wed -- Steve Buchheit generously linked my link in his Linkee-poo link salad today. But check out the money quote (sorry, I couldn't resist): "Logos gone bad. When I viewed the page there was an add (sic) for $5 logos. I think I see the problem. (Grokked from Dr. Phil)"
Dr. Phil (Physics) said...
$5 logos? Man I can't tell if the jokes just write themselves or "smart ads" aren't very smart.

Dr. Phil
Dec 11, 2013, 9:08:00 PM
Bonus: It's bad enough that the Captcha says "Please prove you're not a robot... Type the text:..." and then they have an image of squiggly word AND a very low-end photograph of a NUMBER out in the real world. But the one I had to deal with, I enlarged with a two-finger spread on the Kindle Fire HD, only to find out the second digit was a doorbell after the "6". Prove to me you're not a robot being mean to people. -- Dr. Phil

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