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So The Grand Rapids Press has released on Mlive an article on the most dangerous intersections in Kent and Ottawa Counties.
In Kent County, the intersections with the most crashes (through Oct. 10) are as follows:

28th at M-37 -- 40
28th at Breton -- 36
44th at Eastern -- 36
44th at Byron Center -- 35
28th at Eastern -- 35
Fuller at Michigan -- 33
28th at Division -- 32
Lake Michigan Drive at Wilson -- 32
28th at Burlingame -- 32
Most of these are in southeast Grand Rapids, where we rarely go. 28th at Burlingame used to be on my daily commute, but not in a long time. And yeah, I had some guy drive into me just west if there, merging from a cross street and crossing all the way into the far right lane.

Lake Michigan M-45 at Wison M-11, yeah I go through there every work day, unless I avoid it swinging north to I-96 or take the back roads at Linden. And yeah, I had an old guy pull a left turn after he had a red light and tried crossing all the way over to the far right lane, where I was turning right.

Hmm... I sense a theme here.

And Fuller at Michigan? That's near the hospital I was in, where Mrs. Dr. Phil has been happy that she didn't need to be there now that Winter Is Coming. (grin)
In Ottawa County, the top five intersections with the highest crashes (through Oct. 10) were in the Holland area and are as follows:

Douglas at River -- 33
East 16th at Waverly -- 25
Adams at I-196 ramp -- 20
120th at Lakewood -- 19
Lakewood at River -- 18
East 16th at Waverly/120th Avenue is the intersection by a big Meijers store -- much like M-45 and Wilson. Hmm... another pattern?

And Adams/16th Street at I-196 is a couple of miles east of that Meijers. And in between was the sub acute care and rehab facility in Holland I was in for three weeks before I ended up in the Holland Hospital ICU with a collapsed lung or something. So Mrs. Dr. Phil gets to dodge another bullet.

It's so nice to be home.
At some intersections, crash numbers have risen sharply since the state's October numbers were released. The intersection of 48th Street Avenue at Lake Michigan Drive, perennially high on the Ottawa County list, had 20 rear-end crashes of a total 23 crashes as of Dec. 1, Austin said.
Yeah. I've seen a lot of rear enders by GVSU. Including one where a #50 Campus Connector bus clearly won when rear ended by a brand new Dodge Ram pickup.

And yeah, Mrs. Dr. Phil got rear ended just south of there at West Campus Drive at 48th Avenue by a student who somehow thought Right Turn On Red didn't mean that the car ahead of him had to actually STOP at the light, so kept on going. Bent in the tailgate and bumper of the 1989 Blazer -- and broke the fuel tank. Insurance totalled the Blazer at its age, but we got it fixed for less than the settlement, had it inspected and recertified and reinsured. Oh, and the repair fixed a dent we got one winter in Calumet in the U.P. Came out from some play or concert and found someone had slid into the Blazer, putting a dent between the gas cap and the rear bumper. Nice. And no note. Double nice.

And so it goes.

Dr. Phil

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