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A Facebook meme...
>>>>10 Books in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Books that still resonate, regardless of quality or author. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right" or "great" works. No more than one book by any given author, and nothing too recent.<<<<<

I chose just SF works -- I could make a million lists -- and all of these I read repeatedly. The edict of no duplicates by author is tough. Clarke, Heinlein, Crichton, Verne -- all have bibliographies of Best Ten works. (grin) Still, I've done these before, so I'll play nice. Though I did move anthologies to a separate short list. (double-grin)

1. Dune / Frank Herbert

2. Star Surgeon / James White

3. Childhood's End / Arthur C. Clarke

4. Ender's Game / Orson Scott Card

5. Marooned / Martin Caidin

6. Gateway / Frederick Pohl

7. Janissaries / Jerry Pournelle

8. Andromeda Strain / Michael Crichton

9. Ringworld / Larry Niven

10. Grass / Shari Tepper


A. The Green Hills of Earth / Robert Heinlein

B. Where Do We Go From Here / ed. Isaac Asimov

C. Best Science Fiction of 1972 / ed. Terri Carr

Your turn?

Dr. Phil

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