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And The Run Continues

So... next Saturday the GVSU Lakers head to the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats. They last met in the 2009 NCAA Division II National Championship, which the Bearcats won.

This week they unexpectedly got one more home game -- cold and snowing and with only a small crowd. Finals coming, you know. Enthusiastic, though. There was a group of Honors College students without shirts.

We were able to see some of the game on streaming video on our Kindles. Grand Valley in trouble in the first half, running "21 unanswered points in the third quarter for a 35-28 victory and a trip to the semifinals." The 12-2 Lakers have won eight in a row.

Last week Grand Valley headed west to play Colorado State-Pueblo and pulled off a 34-30 Second Round victory.

Two weeks ago it was the Repeat Battle of the Valleys in Allendale, where after losing in the last regular season game, Saginaw Valley State University had to return to Lubbers Stadium, only to be trounced again by the Lakers 40-7 in the First Round playoffs.

Early on this season the Lakers suffered two bad losses. There was talk that in their competitive conference that their playoff hopes were probably gone. Now they are but one game away from another trip to Florence AL and the D-II championship game.

At least this year, as they have for many years, there WILL be a Division II National Champion. Division I can only wait until next year to dump the BCS idiocy. Whether they still ruin the New Year's Day bowl games will have to be seen.

Enjoy your final exams this week, Lakers. Then Saturday 14 December, 3:30pm EST, D-II Semifinals, Bearcat Stadium, Maryville, Mo.

Dr. Phil

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