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A Little SF For Your Christmas

I received a free download copy of an issue of Apex Magazine today. It was a thank you gift for entering the A Merry Little Apex Christmas Flash Fiction Contest.
Whether we’re ready to admit it or not – and I’m definitely not ready to admit it yet – Christmas is right around the corner. This means all the lights, the music, the festivities, and the cheer. To help brighten up the holiday Apex style, we’ve decided to run a flash fiction contest.

How to enter:

• All entries must have to do with Christmas, but have a distinctly Apex slant – dark science fiction, fantasy, or horror
• You can submit anytime between now until December 16th
• 250 word limit
• Email entries to with the title and author name in the subject line
• Limit 3 entries per person
• Story should be in the body of the email
• Submissions will be read by Jason Sizemore and me (Lesley Conner) with the winning story being published on the Apex blog on December 23rd. Besides getting their flash fiction published on the Apex blog, the winner also receives the following fantastic prize pack: a short story (up to 5,000 words long) critiqued by Apex owner/publisher Jason Sizemore, payment of 5 cents a word, and a one year subscription to Apex Magazine.
• To make sure that everyone has a merry Christmas, all entrants will receive a free issue of Apex Magazine. All you have to do is let us know in your submission email which issue of Apex Magazine you would like and we will send it out to you.
They didn't quite make it clear whether they wanted the stories in one or separate emails, so since I had three stories, I put them in separate emails, noting which ones were (1 of 3), etc. And I included my one back issue request in each email, noting I was assuming it was one per author, not one per sub.

Now I'm not noted for writing short, but I do on occasion write a Christmas themed short for the blog. Sometimes I don't get around to it, so any stories which don't get picked, will grace these pages instead. Merwy Cripsmess, Dammit.

And you can spread your own holiday cheer to them as well, if you hop onto this quick. Deadline is the 16th and I believe they'll be posting the winners on the 23rd -- I'll let you know either way where my three stories will go. (grin)

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