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Capitalist Welfare Queens

Scrambling After Crumbs

Had the news on at noon today and an ad ran from New York State. Besides touting all the great features of New York, then also wanted to let companies know that if they come to New York, they might be able to be tax free for up to ten years.

Now New York is certainly not the first state to offer incentives to attract jobs. Far from it. And while one worries that this has been going on long enough to start a merry-go-round of the same jobs moving from state to state, collecting incentive checks and enjoying tax holidays -- until the terms and conditions expire. Let's face it, New York doesn't give a damn whether they're creating new jobs or stealing jobs from Illinois or Alabama, and vice versa. It's only the other states that suffer the losses.

It's the same kind of short range and short foresight thinking which drives corporate boards to lose their minds and focus on only the short term balance sheets and damn the consequences to either the customers or even the survival of the company.

And states like Michigan have governments which think it's okay to try to strangle the unions and promote Right To Work For Less laws and compete for those jobs.

The Sweepstakes

I don't know if the New York ad is aimed at Boeing, but that company is looking for a place to assemble the Boeing 777x jetliner. And not in Washington state, because their own employee unions wouldn't agree to making the 777x employees third-class citizens.

And so Boeing has become the Big new prize to go after, following big pursuits of auto companies -- VW, BMW, Toyota -- and others. Just read an editorial about hoping Michigan didn't join the parade of states offering the world to Boeing.

And I like Boeing aircraft!

Just Once

I wish some state had the guts to run an ad...

We have a great state -- filled with parks and forests and lakes and streams filled with trout. A land of pleasant communities with good neighbors and strong schools, of an enthusiastic work force willing and able to do good work at a good job.

We don't need companies to mooch off our taxpayers and demand tax rollbacks and amenities -- We want good neighbor company partners who want to be an active, useful, paying and positive part of our community.

We don't need companies to restrict our workers and demand an end to over a century of progress in working conditions, compensation and safety -- We want to improve our economy and quality of life, and enjoy a middle class who might actually be able to afford to fuel a successful capitalist and consumer system. And perhaps buy what you're making. And have income, vacation time and retirements to take advantage of all our state has to offer.

We don't need companies to come in and demand variances in our hard fought for environmental regulations -- We want good neighbor companies who want to live where it's beautiful and clean.

So come to our little piece of heaven and help us make it even better.

The State That Cares

Yeah, you'd lose some of the Big projects run by greedy graspy bean counters.

But I bet you'd also find a host of companies that are willing to come and build a great place to live and retire, and not just a factory.

I can dream, can't I?

Dr. Phil

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