They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

17° F

And snow it has.

I had a doctor's appointment out by East Beltline and I-96 this afternoon. Mrs. Dr. Phil spent a little time outside with the scoop. Last night our neighbor across the road told her that now the snow was coming, he would be happy to take his little plow tractor and run up and down our 240' driveway. So he plowed the last two nights.

Still there was snow this morning. Indeed, I was surprised to see quite a mound of maybe a foot on our back deck before we left. And the roads? Well it was good I didn't have to drive south to Kalamazoo this morning. US-131 was closed near the M-222 Martin exit due to an overturned semi. Going north? A 30 car pileup closed US-131 in both directions.

But by 1pm, we kept it slow on Warner and medium on 68th. I-96 cleared up quickly and the sun was peeking out.


By the time we drove home in the early gloom, conditions were still good, but people couldn't quite figure out what speed to maintain. Had to sit behind a 50 mph pickup on I-96 to wait for Exit 16.

And our neighbor was back tonight. They know I'm gimping around and they don't want anything. But we'll keep them in gas cards and other things -- it's the least we can do. The plowing is a lifesaver, since I'm useless for snow removal and Mrs. Dr. Phil doesn't need to kill herself trying to do everything by herself. In fact, I'd rather she didn't. (grin) I like having her around. (double-grin)


Yup, single digit temps after midnight. I am sure the local weather guys had a field day with the lure of sub-zero wind chills. We've added another quilt to the bed and there's lovely warm, comforting, heavy winter covers -- perfect for sleeping.

My afternoon Grand Rapids Press/MLive news feed covered Tuesday's snows:
Here are some of the heaviest snowfall total reports Tuesday from across West Michigan:

• Belmont: 11 inches

• Allendale: 10 inches

• East Grand Rapids: 6 inches

• Grandville: 6 inches

• Middleville: 6 inches

• Gerald R. Ford International Airport: 4 inches
It wasn't our imagination. We have had a foot of snow over the last few days.

And as per usual, the snow is heavier by the lake. Gotta love those Great Lakes.

Dr. Phil

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