They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Facebook Advertising Fail

In Facebook's ever demented quest to tell us what we thought we wanted from Facebook, a while ago they decided that ads along the sides of the page were too easy to ignore. So they began to put them interleaved with those posts from my friends Facebook thinks I might be allowed to see.

This is annoying. I start looking at something, thinking Why would anyone I know want to share this on FB. Only to find out that it's no one I know.

But every now and then I might be amused:

Fisher Investments: Official Company Page · Suggested Post
4 Ways to Avoid Running Out of Money During Retirement. If you have a $500,000 portfolio, download the guide by Forbes Columnist Ken Fisher's firm. Click Here to Download Your Guide!

1. First error is Facebook thinking this is a message for me.

2. Second error is thinking I might have a $500,000 portfolio.

3. Third error is thinking that if I DID have a $500,000 portfolio, that I'd take financial advise from Facebook.

4. Fourth error is think that I am stupid enough to click on just any link encoded from

Hey, no matter the size of my portfolio, I just came up with four surefire ways to keep it out of money grubbing spammers. (grin) I should share this insight with all my Facebook friends!

Oh, I guess I just did. My bad.

Dr. Phil

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