They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Just A Few Hours Left To Dr. Phil's First Non-Starter

What The Hell Is Dr. Phil's First Non-Starter?

Well, Facebook and the Internet is awash in Kickstarters and Kickstarter proposals and Kickstarter wannabes using some other crowdsourcing website we've never heard about before -- all trying to get you to give them money to fund their pet projects. Or keep their projects afloat. Or even a modesty creative way to curry subscriptions to markets.

But I am doing a giveaway. I've got nothing new coming out -- not surprising considering my recent stint of unproductive writing and submitting. So I am taking advantage of Blind Eye Books overstock situation to do a quick giveaway of one of my favorite stories which a lot of people haven't read.

Hence, if I am giving away and not getting, then it's not a Kickstarter -- it's a Non-Starter.

Okay, So Non-Starter Is Lame, The Giveaway Is Real

PS -- Don't forget about the Dr. Phil "Under Suspicion" Giveaway. (DW)

Dr. Phil

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