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This Is So Cool... Uh... Oh...

Bloody Technology Makes The Possible Difficult

So the Grand Valley State University Lakers are playing the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats for the second slot in the NCAA Division II Championship game. Lenoir-Rhyne, another perennial D-II favorite, won their semifinal game beat West Chester 42-14.

So the GVSU game is on ESPN3/ESPN-U, which we don't get.

But there's a Watch ESPN app for the Kindle Fire.

But there were problems logging it in to our Charter account. And there were comments on the App Store page from today and earlier bitching about connecting Watch ESPN and Charter cable.

So Mrs. Dr. Phil farbled with the Charter cable online account -- got in there. Finally Watch ESPN logged in on Mrs. Dr. Phil's Kindle Fire.

So... download Watch ESPN onto my Kindle Fire HD, login, get the game, hook up the 10' HDMI cable to the 32" Sony HDTV, select HDMI 2 and... Works. More or less.

And the Lakers are behind 7-6 with 1:04 to go in the 2nd quarter.

The Internet -- Different Every Day

The previous live streaming video method wasn't working, probably because of ESPN's involvement this week. And couldn't do the live streaming on the Kindle Fire HD from the Lakers' website because it uses Flash, and Adobe and Amazon/Google Android are having some sort of a snit.

A YouTube Aside

When the more recent Flash updates rolled out, my Kindle Fire HD suddenly stopped viewing some videos. I can get around that by using Always On PC, which gives me access to a Linux desktop, but there's no audio on that method.

YouTube instituted a change about ten days ago, such that requests to YouTube videos which require Flash in the Silk browser, causes YouTube to switch from Mobile (which I didn't want anyway) to Desktop version and it plays. Yay.

Back To Our Game

Secondly, trying to connect to the screaming video on my Fujitsu UMPC and Firefox, it kept wanting me to "sign up" for a free video service. Didn't need to last time, didn't want to this time. Hence the Watch ESPN app method.

So DSL to WiFi to Watch ESPN on the Kindle Fire HD to HDMI to HDTV... whew... works. Yay.

But This Is Very Odd

Our experience with this setup using the History Channel app is that anything on the Kindle's screen shows up on the TV over the HDMI cable. Makes sense - there aren't even any HDMI output controls.

But during some commercials, we get the audio, but a blurry low res slide on the TV and the HD video on the Kindle's screen. Huh? I thought the HDMI was a dumb repeater video port. And some commercials DO display on the TV. Double Huh?

Bearcats ahead 10-6 at the half. Lakers screwed by a bad official review call -- it was clearly a reception and fumble before the knee was down.

17-6 in the second half now. Come on Lakers. Get it together.

Doncha love technology?

Dr. Phil

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