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They Didn't Ask Me

And We Have Winners!

About That Giveaway

At the very end of Friday the Thirteenth, entries were closed for Dr. Phil's First Non-Starter / Giveaway For Two Copies Of The Anthology Tangle Girls Featuring My Story "Under Suspicion" (DW).

The Methodology

Entries were accepted on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and Facebook. I joked about my five readers, but across the three sites I got six entries. A twenty percent increase!

I ended up using as a random number generator -- I didn't have any ordinary dice lying around. (grin) To be fair I ran 100 numbers on the integer number generator. It looked like a pretty reasonable distribution.

Then I burned three entries and took the next two.

And Our Winners

Number One -- From LiveJournal
aloysius7 -- Assuming I've got the right translation tables (grin), congratulations, Vince. I have your address in the UCF database.

Number Six -- From Dreamwidth -- Congratulations, Janiece. I have your address, too.

The books aren't in my hands -- haven't checked the P.O. Box in a couple of days -- but when I have them, I'll send them out.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Not only do I feel better that someone is reading these blogs -- and caring to read my fiction -- but I got a chance to help a small press.

For those of who didn't win, you can still order a copy of Tangle Girls or any of the SALE books for just $7+shipping at the Tangle Girls webpage. There's a convenient shipping calculator and a link direct to PayPal. Sale ends Tuesday December 31st or when supplies run out.

Thanks for playing the Home Version!

Dr. Phil
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