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A Modest Proposal?

Can't come to Detroit for Detcon 1 because it's too far to travel? Well, you could always move to Detroit. (grin)

Via Nick Mamatas on Facebook -- A combined approach to urban renewal and building an arts community and providing vocational training in Detroit at Write-A-House:
I'd like to introduce you to Write-A-House, a different kind of writer’s residency program. The Detroit writers and urban activists who founded the organization in 2012 did so with one goal: use vocational training to renovate vacant homes and then give these homes to writers.

The homes are in emerging, active, and diverse neighborhoods. It won’t be Beverly Hills, but maybe that’s okay. We believe writers are out there – perhaps in Cleveland, Denmark, Brooklyn, or maybe out just past Eight Mile, who are interested in becoming a part of Detroit today. Or maybe they just want a home. We would like to invite them to move in. Even if you already live in Detroit, feel encouraged to apply.

We don’t know of another movement like this, but then Detroit is a unique place. Our idea supports literary arts, vocational education, neighborhood stabilization, and the creation of more vibrant cities.


We will begin accepting applications in Spring 2014...
I love the concept. I don't think I can even dream of taking advantage of such a thing right now. But I applaud that they are trying something like this in Detroit. It's not, despite innumerable articles, not a dead city. And there is a lot of empty real estate in the city that needs to be bought, renovated or torn down. And it seems that all three are happening.

But Detroit as a writer's colony? Bring it on. It can only help Detroit, Michigan, the Midwest, the Rust Belt, etc. Right now I'm overextended, but next year I might consider donating to help this program grow. Somebody who works with Detcon 1 -- let's see if we can't raise funding specifically for a genre house.

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