They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Ah, Let The Reindeer Games Begin

Mrs. Dr. Phil reported this afternoon that she paid $2.77.9/gal for gas today -- $2.97.9/gal, less 20¢/gal discount slips from the grocery store.

Four hours later, having had to make a dash out to the store again before the freezing rains begin to get more flour (and bananas), she said that the same Family Failure gas station in Allendale has seen fit to jack the price for regular to $3.27.9/gal. What on Earth caused a thirty cent rise in four hours? Could it be that they're just nailing last minute tank toppers before the 2-3 days of freezing rain coming? Makes as much sense as any other reason. Any reason other than economic market forces, because we've well established here over the years that pump prices are pretty much disconnected from any rational explanation.

And to think I paid $3.33.9/gal for premium at the Shell in Wayland on my way home last night. I usually feed the '96 Blazer midgrade 89 octane these days, but went with the premium 93 octane for the ethanol and additives to negate any water or crud built up since I last filled the tank on 25 April.

As for the weather, so far the local radar maps remain clear. To see any precipitation you have to pull back to show a line of stuff crossing the lake and Michigan from Green Bay MI. Or Iowa and Minnesota. Still, they're talking about 1/10th of an inch of ice forming, which could be tough on power lines and driving. Thankfully we had the generator serviced the other week and our propane tank was recently filled. Not saying to "bring it on!", but we have our defences lined up.

Dr. Phil

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