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Under Pressure

The Book

Under Pressure, also known as The Dragon in the Sea, is a 1956 SF novel by Frank Herbert. I ran into a copy when I was working my way through the works of Herbert -- the bonus was the cover on this particular edition showing a heavier-than-water sub tug visualized as an SR-71. Very cool, and given the description in the novel, very apt.

Yes, Virginia, we really do sometimes buy books based on the covers -- this is why real cover art is important and why the artist talent search of Illustrators of the Future is a worthy companion to WOTF.

The book is a real psychological thriller, given that the character is a psychologist put board a sub to either find the spy or figure out why the four-man sub tug crew members go insane. Reminds me of the main character in the 1966 Asimov/film version of Fantastic Voyage.

The Song

Listening to WLAV the last few years, reminded me of the song "Under Pressure". It really has nothing to do with the Frank Herbert novel, but some of the lines are appropriate. If I was doing a modern movie version, I'd do a rewrite of the lyrics -- or screw the rewrite and just play the song over the end credits.

Pretty sure I ran into the song yesterday on my lone trip to Kalamazoo.

But Wait! There's More...

Today on Facebook there was a link to the: Isolated vocal tracks from Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”.

Freddie Mercury! David Bowie! A cappella!

If you know the song, you can fill in the blanks. The fact that the backstory in the article tells us that this confluence of genius was a happy accident is even more delicious.

Check it out.

And by that I mean the song, the vocal tracks... and the Frank Herbert book. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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