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Getting Into The Spirit

It's always tough to get into the mood for Christmas. Not when I was little, of course, because once we were stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey, all eyes turned towards Christmas. That weekend we'd put up the tree and other decorations. In Medina NY, we usually started getting more serious snow. Then a week or two later, we'd gear up and head to the dirty slushy well churned snows of Buffalo and hit the major department stores -- we didn't have malls everywhere then. Department stores meant escalators and toy lands at Christmas. My parents would craftily observe what caught our eyes, then Wendy and I would go wander off with Daddy. That was always a treat, because Daddy was always a little kid at heart. The real secret was that the Buffalo stores had a special delivery service to Medina, so you didn't have to carry everything. They'd get delivered while us kiddies were in school.

Going off with Daddy usually meant going to the big movie theatre, coming into the middle of a movie in the balcony, then leaving when the movie came around to where you came in. Also a little paper bag of bridge mix from the department store candy counter, maybe with some jelly candy fruit slices or nuts. In the car's glove compartment was always a bag of Kraft caramels or Fudgies -- a little hard at first if they were frozen -- but it made the ridiculous wait at the traffic light at NY 78 and NY 5 at Transittown bearable. Half a mile backups and it seemed like only four cars could make the turn under green.

In the some twenty years of teaching, exams and grading took me perilously close to Christmas itself, so it was always a shock to be suddenly done and available for Christmas. Thank goodness for Christmas baking. I told Mrs. Dr. Phil this morning that the smells of roast turkey wouldn't be joyous if they happened half a dozen times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but seven batches of stollen made the house smell festive and cheery. And lights. Mrs. Dr. Phil strung three sets of lights on the front porch yesterday -- we had a new GE set of 200 white icicle lights I bought on sale last year, but it wasn't long enough, so she found a double pack of 150 lights 12' long, and ended up using all three of them. The GE set had a polarized plug and so couldn't plug into the new sets, so had to be taken down to put them at the extension cord end.

The front porch glows now, which is very good for the mood.

Last night ABC ran A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is really only one of the two decent seasonal animated specials -- The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Boris Karloff please! is the other -- never fails to inspire. Especially after Linus sets everyone straight on the true meaning of Christmas.

Holiday shopping has totally changed. Once we thought waiting 6 to 8 weeks for mail order was pretty cool. Now hopping online and ordering something we know is in stock and Amazon Prime guaranteeing delivery on the 23rd or the 24th is almost routine. We can't abide malls in good weather -- facing them in the current run of weather would have been oppressive, even if I wasn't saddled with my current walking issues.

And in the next week, it'll be time to get online and renew my professional memberships and annual contributions. I actually look forward to that.

So what if the weather forecast doesn't look promising for next week. Raining now. I guess the ice was really bad in Grand Rapids this morning. And they're talking about as much as half an inch of ice accumulating overnight. Winter officially begins at the solstice, tomorrow the 21st at 12:11pm SET. Only then will it be winter.

Never mind.

It's still the season.

Dr. Phil

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