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Detcon 1 Progress Report #1 Is Out

I've been meaning to update about Detcon 1, 17-20 July 2014, but they've done it for me.

Progress Report #1 (PDF) is now out. I got the link on Facebook.

Highlights include:
• Registration rates for Adults go from $55 to $65 on Wednesday 1 January 2014. BTW, 419 Attending members listed so far -- this is more than voted for Detroit's NASFiC bid at Lone Star Con. (grin)

• Hotel reservations open Saturday 11 January 2014. Rooms start at $118/night.

• Still accepting Programming ideas and volunteers. I've put about half a dozen in already -- you can, too. (grin)

• For you gaming types: 24-hour gaming space. Any type of fannish gaming is welcome, including Live Action Role Playing (LARPs), Collectible Card Games (CCGs), tabletop gaming, board games, social network games, and alternate reality games (ARGs)

• Bring the family (grin): Youth-oriented programming for both kids and teens, with authors, musicians, scientists, artists and others.

• Accessibility -- Definitely an issue for me now, was an issue for me at ChiCon 7, lovely as it was. "Detcon1 is dedicated to making our convention as accessible as possible. We do not want either visible or invisible disabilities to prevent you from attending or enjoying Detcon1. We know that recent large conventions have had significant accessibility challenges. We are committed to learning from their experiences and not making the same mistakes, although we can’t promise that we won’t make any new ones."

I cherrypicked a couple of things, there's more info at Detcon 1 or in Progress Report #1 (PDF).

Why am I spending time signal boosting Detcon 1? First of all, I've talked about NASFiC's before. And I had a great time at Chicon 7, the WorldCon in Chicago in 2012. Another big con local to me? Run by many of the same people that have made ConFusion such a great January con? You know I'm there. And while my audience might be limited here -- at least six people these days (grin) -- I'd be happy to see my friends in Detroit. So many of you I rarely see, if ever, outside of online. So come on over, if you can. This year it's in the middle if the summer, so it's not over Labor Day, nor does it compete with WorldCon in London -- which is why we have a NASFiC in Detroit in 2014 in the first place. (grin)

And it should be good.

Dr. Phil

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