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New Products?

Gray Steel Tough

I was in Meijer buying some stuff on Friday when I ran into something different -- 3M is making Duct Tape band-aids. No, really! Thing is, I'm sure we've all had the problem of getting a cut while working with something dirty or rough, like under the hood of a car or working with cabling, only to have an ordinary band-aid wimp out.

And they were only $1.76 for ten, and they're a real 3M product, so I bought 'em. (grin)


Mrs. Dr. Phil was at the D&W Food Center on Remembrance Road and came how with some handle grocery bags with a logo for "Local First", advocating buying from local stores. (Take that, Wal-Mart!)

The irony comes in because D&W is being bought up by another local chain, Spartan Stores, and Mrs. Dr. Phil found out that the new owners are going to close "our" store.

So much for supporting our "local" businesses... (double-grin)

Dr. Phil

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