They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

It's Not You, Just Us

17+ Hours

Sitting here in our warm little house, lights blazing inside and out, watching The Sound of Music (film) on ABC. Meanwhile, the generator is purring along outside -- and hopefully will continue.

Consumers Energy still has no "estimation of when service will be restored". Their map system doesn't display properly on my Kindle Fire HD, so I either needed to go to my Linux desktop at AlwaysOn.PC or unsleep the tiny Fujitsu UMPC -- the latter was easier to pinch the map and display here.

It's not a widespread outage here -- we're in that little wedge of a blob. I suspect that it's like an outage we had a few years ago when ice or winds pulled a tree down on the distribution line that runs along 84th Avenue. I also know of outages off southeast of us on the other side of Grand Rapids. Several thousands affected in Ottawa County. UPDATE: At 11pm, 70,000 in all of West Michigan.

10pm Sunday 22 December 2013 (Click on map for larger.)

At least we aren't in high winds this time. There are limits beyond which they have to recall the crews. And the snow that fell on the ice made walking down the driveway more bearable for Mrs. Dr. Phil, so the Sunday paper has been brought in and suitably devoured.

Just an ordinary day in the neighborhood...

Dr. Phil

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