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A Warm Soft Glow For You

Christmas Lights

Some years ago we got a gift from Mrs. Dr. Phil's youngest sister. A glass block -- the kind you could put in a cinder block wall -- stuffed with a string of lights and wrapped up with a red lace bow. While the colored lights were all sorts, the predominant color comes from the red lights and bow. We used to place it on a bookcase in the living room. Late at night, when I could still get on the floor to do my back exercises, it was so peaceful to have the living room and its high angled ceiling lit by the red glass block and the white icicle lights on the front porch. Reminded me of my childhood, lying on the floor in a dark room lit only by the Christmas tree.

This year I had the idea of having the glass block put on the little stand from Wendy next to the new raised futon bed. Besides being pretty, it didn't hurt to have my side lit, ever so gently, to get in and out of bed with my gimp foot.

Alas, after many years of service, the glass block went dark the other day. When Mrs. Dr. Phil got the added white strings for the front porch at the hardware store, they had a string of 35 colored lights for like $1.99 or something. And the hole drilled in the sides allowed the old string of 50 and the new string to get pulled out and stuffed back in as needed -- and so we were back in business.

Took advantage of the VR Vibration Reduction on the 18-55mm AF-S NIKKOR lens and the D1X to capture the little electric fire last night. This was the other picture that was temporarily "lost" because of the date error mentioned earlier...

(Click on photo for larger.)
©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

And now I shall go off to the bedroom and lie down and get my feet up -- it's good for them. And enjoy the soft red glow of our Christmas block.

It's a lovely Christmas present.

Dr. Phil

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