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A SF/F/H Survey

Signal Boosting

Found in my LiveJournal Friends Page just now, from writer Ken Schneyer -- a survey on your SF/F/H reading (and writing) habits. Seems to be interesting and reasonably short.
Mon, Dec. 30th, 2013, 04:48 pm
ken_schneyer: Please take my online survey, and spread the word!
I've posted an online survey to test certain hypotheses about SFFH readers and their reading habits. Once the survey is complete, I plan to make the data set available to anyone who wants to analyze it.

I'd very much appreciate it if, in addition to taking the survey, you'd repost the link and spread the word.

Thanks so much!

Tags: fandom, fiction, reading habits, survey
Some of the things I really appreciate about the design of his survey are the most complete selection of gender and countries. For the former, I am going to have to look up one of the choices -- I think I know what it means. For the latter, I am always pleased with any alphabetical country list that does not start out of order with a default choice like the U.S.A. And I don't recall seeing the Holy See in a list ever.

My only quibble is that it doesn't list Low Earth Orbit, as far as I recall, for those few individuals currently residing on the I.S.S.

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