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Mythbusters Star Wars Special

Ooh, look. TV schedule has a Mythbusters Star Wars special from 8-10pm on Saturday night. We are so on top of that, especially as we aren't going anywhere tonight. We weren't anyway, but the latest winter storm advisory began at 7pm and runs through like 1am, Monday.

There have been times, when they've tackled movie myths, that they've had no real movie footage and barely mentioned the name of the movie or the main character. But clearly they had serious studio support for this. You can be cynical and consider that generating interest in Episode VII can never start soon enough. Or that even BUSTED declarations on one or more of the old movies isn't going to harm anything this far out. And you know it'll be popular.

They checked out three myths, one from each of the original trilogy. Luke's swing with Leia across the gap using the grappling line. Whether getting stuffed in the belly of a tauntaun is a good survival mode. And the Ewoks creaming an Imperial chicken walker cab with a couple of logs.

Special effects is one things. Full scale testing is really quite another. And who doesn't love the 501st Legion and an actress who is such a fan of the show she'll let Jamie swing her across a thirty foot gap?

And Adam, you don't have to specify Centigrade when the temperature reaches -40. Just saying.

But Then...

It was 9:12pm and they were winding down. Hey, didn't they promise us a two-hour special? You've got forty-five minutes left. NOT some "special edition" of some exposure reality show. I protest.

And what's with the new season promo for Mythbusters which shows a whole bunch of money shots from big explosion/collision set pieces? It's the not knowing how it is going to go real world that is a big part of the appeal of the show, guys. I am TIRED of spoilery promos and movie trailers. Just tired of it.

Still, I am a huge fan of the Mystbusters A and B teams. I can quibble with some of their methods or conclusions, but overall they are doing everyone a big favor in terms of doing popular science.

I Approve.

Dr. Phil

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