They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

And Now We Wait

Monday. First day of the new semester. First day back to work and teaching for me. If I can get there.

Winter Storm Ion -- it's an ion storm, Captain! Deflector screens are down! Sensors are useless! -- is giving us a snow advisory until 1am. Temp holding in the 20s, then the bottom falls out. Wind chill advisory Monday into Tuesday -- wind chills could drop to -30°F. Though we are by far not getting the brunt of this, mainly getting teased by the northern edge of the diagonal storm track and nothing like Indianapolis may get creamed with, the forecast is for up to a foot of snow. More southward of Grand Rapids.

And the neighbor who has been plowing us on deeper days, his lawn tractor is in the shop.

Churches all over West Michigan have closed today. Fully expect the local schools to close in the morning. The universities? Probably not. Sigh.

WMU has a history of not plowing well, especially coming out of Winter Break. Remember, this is the school that steadfastly says they don't close -- and one time had to tell students not to come for the start of January because the parking lots weren't plowed. Yeah, it had snowed heavily over Christmas and they forgot to plow. Forgot to plow. Two feet of snow over the two/three weeks.

Forgot to plow.

Yeah, assuming I can get out of the driveway, I will be calling the university's announcement number on the way south tomorrow. Like that will help.

Yesterday morning the wind blew all the snow off the trees. Today it's another snowglobe snowstorm. Beautiful. Except I am not having to wrestle a walker around in it.

Dr. Phil

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