They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

... And The Other Shoe Drops


It was just around 5pm yesterday that Western Michigan University announced it was closing today. So I updated the WMU page again -- and we're off on Tuesday, too. Good call. Traffic is moving on the road okay, but it is too cold for Mrs. Dr. Phil to move enough snow in our driveway to get out. We'll need machinery. Now we can see what daylight brings...

Ah, 17:27... And I got the WMU automated phone call, so they must have just called it.

WMU closed Jan. 6-7 due to severe weather

Except for essential and emergency services, Western Michigan University will be closed for the second day Tuesday, Jan. 7, due to severe weather.


Of course I was just updating KATNISS, the Asus Windows 7 netbook with Skype -- given my condition, I am prepping to give emergency lectures over the video projector from home if I have to. Won't need it for another day.

Dr. Phil

PS -- So now the track record for the university that never closes is:

Weather-related University closings since 1999

    • 1999, Jan. 4-5—Heavy snowfall delayed the start of spring semester.
    • 2000, Nov. 21-22—Thanksgiving recess began Tuesday because of snow.
    • 2006, Dec. 1—An ice storm downed trees and caused power outages.
    • 2007, Feb. 5—Extreme cold and snow closed many Michigan colleges.
    • 2008, Feb. 1—WMU closed due to snow.
    • 2009, Dec. 10—Blizzard conditions closed WMU.
    • 2013, Jan. 31—Snow and icy conditions closed WMU.
    • 2014, Jan. 6-7—Significant snowfall and expected severely cold temperatures prompted many Michigan colleges to announce closures early

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