They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T'aint A Night Fit For Man Nor Beast...

As The First Day Of Class Gets Postponed One More Day

The line above from the classic W.C. Fields movie given every time he opens the cabin door, punctuated by a handful of stage snow flung in his face. Of course this discussion immediately got Mrs. Dr. Phil talking about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Click on graphic for Wikipedia link.

Of course I'm sure that if I spent two seconds with Google I could find multiple versions with needs such as Wi-Fi, cell signal, broadband, 50 GB of free disk space and spare anytime minutes on your cellphone plan. Minimum needs requirements, along with fast pizza delivery and a good sushi restaurant. (grin)

The 23:02 Report

Temperature here at Chez Allendale is alternating between -1°F to 0.1°F, depending on which digital thermometer readout you're looking at. Of course just below zero isn't scary enough for Severe Weather Center 3 or Storm Team 8, etc., so they're all about the wind chills. For once, they should be, because the cold blows across the upper Midwest are seriously dangerous -- really bad west of Lake Michigan, bad enough on this side for people not used to seeing conditions like that.

So with the temp here around zero, the wind chill is -25°F. Kalamazoo was -12°F and wind chills of -33°F. We're supposed to see the sun on Wednesday.

Of course they had to trot out that the -12°F is "colder than the South Pole" right now, just as they've been pointing out that some of the Minnesota and Wisconsin temps are colder than Mars, without bothering to point out that it's "summer" at the South Pole. Meanwhile Kalamazoo's 45" of snow to date is 50% more than the same date last year. Again, no context with last year -- we had a lot of days bereft of snow last year -- or averages. And in the U.P. they just switch from inches to feet at some point.

Still, it's nasty out there by any metric and given that we're drifted in at the moment, I'm super glad that I don't have to try to make it out in this -- on my first day back at work. Give me a week or two, and I'll be more in the mood. But let's be sensible.

Dr. Phil

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