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So Saturday night we came home from dinner and our day out in time to watch the Jeopardy! rerun. Except CBS was showing the late NFL playoff game. About 8:45pm, I bothered to glance at the TV schedule and saw we were missing a new Mythbusters episode.

Darn! I cannot tell you much Adam and Jamie and Kari and Grant and Tori make me happy. Still, we were in time to see the explosion at the moonshine still -- it's Mythbusters so you know something had to blow up -- as well as a gasoline versus moonshine raceoff in cars.

And then it was Adam and Jamie again, after the top of the hour. But it wasn't Mythbusters, it was something new called Dangerous Toys.
After years as colleagues, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage square off in a no-holds barred WAR featuring a robot army and 25-foot couch fort ... among other things.
That's a robot army of five-foot teddy bears, mounted on remote control motorized wheelchair bases -- with exploding heads. No, really:

(Click on photo for link to more at Discovery Channel.)

Sure, it was a contrived event, but it was seriously fun and silly. They held their battle in Northern California -- the rolling green fields looked just like the battleground used in Star Wars Episode I or the battlefield that was the default wallpaper in Windows XP. (grin) And I laughed as the teddy bears came over the hill...

Don't know where they're going with Dangerous Toys -- after all, Unchained Reaction, the two-team building challenge show they had the other year didn't go very long -- but we'll see.

Dr. Phil

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