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With 2014 came the Return To The World. Home care signed off on me on the 31st of December, clearing me to start outpatient PT at the Spectrum facility in Allendale, and oh-by-the-way start work. Spectrum Campustowne also houses a lab, which is where I go at least once a year to get blood drawn. Used to be our doctor's office, before they moved out and formed Allendale Family Practice.

A couple of years ago, when I first got the compressed nerve in my left leg, I did some PT with Craig. So I'm back with Craig -- very useful to have someone know my previous capability, since I was probably only at 80% before my Year Without A Summer.

There's a door open between the PT people and the Camputowne lab. And down that hallway is a scale. A classic doctor's office balance, cleverly mounted so the foot surface is level with the floor. It's a two beam balance -- 0 to 300 lbs. in 50 lb. steps and 0 to 50 lbs. on the upper slider.

I am not sure I ever was able to use it, as it maxed out at 350 lbs. Last Thursday I told Craig that next time I'd walk down there and see if I could get a reading, since I lost that 100 lbs. in the hospital and so far haven't put it back.

Tuesday I worked with Jodi and I told her I was going to try to weigh myself. As an old time unit, it had a very narrow base. I needed to hold my feet together, which isn't easy when there's no feeling in one foot. First reading was coming in low -- under 320 lbs. -- but we figured that part of a shoe had to be touching the carpet. Finally got my 10½ 6E shoes onto the footprint of the scale and voila! 349 pounds avoirdupois. Given the range of values on different scales in the last couple of months, that's right in the target zone.

Craig said last week that he agreed with me that it's a classic old scale, but said it was going to be replaced with a digital scale. Easier, digital readout, but without the charm of the old machinery. I told him he should try to cadge it for the PT gym. He liked the idea.

An Amusing Call

Speaking of my health, we had a message the other day from someone doing a follow-up assessment of my stay at the Rehab 5th floor at the Spectrum Fuller St. facility. Couldn't call yesterday because my newly charged, or so I thought, cellphone was running on electron fumes. So today I made the call.

I had amused by the 716 area code -- Western New York. I told Maureen that I knew the 716 area, having grown up in Medina, and assumed they had a contract with Spectrum. She laughed and said she was in Gasport. A little bump in the road on NY Rte. 31. Heading west, you've got Medina, Middleport, Gasport, Lockport... all towns on the Erie Canal. She mentioned the Big rivalry between the Gasport and Medina football teams. And that in last week's storms, that although Buffalo and south got clobbered, Gasport and Medina got less than five inches of snow. Though of course the winds and extreme cold meant they canceled school, too.

And that with no school, the kids wanted to bundle up and go playing outside in the same bitter weather that prevented them from walking to school or waiting for a bus. (grin) Well, YEAH. (double-grin)

Now if only I had more heat in my office right now -- oh, it's jumped a degree up to 64°F.

Dr. Phil

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