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Not A Spoiler, Promise!

Ah, anticipation. And staggering misdirection.

For my money, we STILL don't know. (grin)

Thus we have to bridge the gap from the Sherlock Season 2 cliffhanger to the Season 3 opener.

Thank God, Watson's mustache goes, but at least John gets a couple of good whacks in on Holmes first.

Look, everybody knows that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes by having him grab Moriarty and taking both of them over the Reichenbach Falls. And the public rebelled. And Doyle had to bring Holmes back, and with a Holmesian grappling move which saved him and killed Moriarty.

Yes, Sherlock is one of two current modern imaginings, Elementary being the other, so we know we don't have to strictly adhere to canon -- if you want that, get the Jeremy Brett version, it's perfect. Part of the joy in watching Sherlock is seeing Holmes operate seamlessly in the modern age. The other part is the brilliant casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

I am sure some will look on S3 E1 as a muddled mess. Well, of course it is. That's because Sherlock Holmes has always been Watson's story. And Watson is confused and conflicted. But in the end, Sherlock is indeed back.

Also enjoyed Sherlock Unlocked, a bit of an insider story of how they put the show together.


If you were to ask which I like better, Sherlock or Elementary, I have to say that that the BBC Sherlock is much more what I want from a modern Holmes. Having said that, I find Elementary lightweight but watchable, and has the advantage of more episodes. What I hate about Elementary is that have taken the concept of Sherlock Holmes as a psychopath and taken him in the direction of a Dexter. Holmes has always been a bit extralegal, given he is not burdened by police rules, but Elementary takes things way beyond too far. Sorry. But the casting of Holmes and Watson? Excellent chemistry.

Can't wait for next weeks Sherlock.

Dr. Phil

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