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A Very Soggy Happy New Year

It's raining here, again. The pre-Christmas snow was nearly all gone before we came home and the snow since we came back are wiped out, too. But its nothing like in California.

The 117th Tournament of Roses Parade

Marching bands bravely soldier on. The Buffalo Soldiers were in their traveling gear and looked ready for the weather -- and their horses were so pretty.

The rains weight down the floats.

Deck Work?

But the hell was going on at the start? Leann Rimes and a bunch of acrobats in a side of the road set piece -- with nary a flower in sight? How does that fit in?

Don't make me crabby during my Rose Parade!

It's Monday January 2nd

I'll forgive the parade and the bowl games from refraining from Sunday. But I still resent this whole interminable triple-damned BCS bowl system, especially when it messes up my Big Ten Trouncing By The Pac 10 Rose Bowl Four Hours After The Rose Parade.

Grrr Snarl

Now excuse me, I have a parade to watch.

Dr. Phil

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