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I'm Pretty Sure I Bought These Computers to DO WORK!

Ugh. Vast amounts of wasted time in last 24 hours: about four hours.

Culprit The Onest:

When I installed the DSL connection and setup an 802.11b wireless LAN, I ended up using two 802.11b routers. The old one can do 128-bit WEP, which isn't standard, and I can use on the old computers running Windows 98SE and 98ME. The new one can't do 128-bit WEP, which turns out not to be a standard, but it does WEP/WAP, so the Windows XP Pro SP2 machines and the Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition PDAs connect to this one.

Last night I tried to "save time", by finishing some work, writing a posting to the closed-access ConAlba list for my 2004 Clarion buddies and then rebooting from Windows 95 to Win98SE and plugging in the Netgear USB 802.11b dongle. It connected, but nobody could find anything on the web. I stepped quietly into the bedroom -- Mrs. Dr. Phil was long asleep at this late hour -- and there were only two LEDs lit on the SMC Barricade and not three. So I yanked the power cable, counted to ten, plugged back in.

No change.

Hammer and Tongs Time

So I logged into the Barricade wirelessly, since I was talking to the box, and it clearly reported that it was Disconnected from the DSL modem. Tried a bunch o' stuff, then shut down for the night. Today I wasted an hour doing a hard reset and some other stuff, no luck. Still no DSL connection to SMC Barricade.

Culprit the Twooth:

So I shutdown the Micron mid-tower and brought out the Sony S-270P laptop and fired it up. Check campus e-mail and Gmail and cut-and-pasted my ConAlba entry into a posting window. Did a Preview, checked for grammar, spelling, intelligence. When I was satisfied, I pressed the button for Submit and... nothing.

Grrr... Lately my Sony S-270P laptop has been losing its mind from time-to-time. If I keep web surfing, no problem. But pause to READ anything or walk away for a minute and none of the browsers can find the wireless LAN connection, even though it's still there. And it's felt like it's been getting worse.

Fire the Updates!

Ran Windows XP Updates. Reboot. No change. Hell, Windows Updates got stalled one time because I spent a minute or two reading the choices for updates! Reboot. Run Sony VAIO Updates. Ah-ha! There's an update to the Intel Wireless LAN Controller to fix a problem with it losing one's LAN connection. Yay! Install, reboot... running.

Gee -- I hope that it works after doing all this typing!

Have I said recently how much I love computers? I just wish that the companies wouldn't keep thinking that I spent all this money to track down their problems and run all sorts of programs and updates, which don't actually do any of the work that I actually bought the bloody machines to DO.

Dr. Phil

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