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Blizzard? Followed By Deep Freeze

The big wind and big snow wasn't due to start until Friday evening. But there was going to be a good wind during the day. Driving out in the farm country of Allegan County can get tricky on a day like today. The relatively dry, and therefore loose, snow blows off the fields and sifts across US-131. But it's also run over, so the ice skating rink begins to form.

I came up on a fancy Cadillac sports sedan which was (a) going about 40 mph and (b) every 20-30 seconds would start to squidgy and squirm on the road. My guess is those expensive high performance tires suck on snow and ice. (grin)

I left the office early, before 2pm, while it was still sunny. My mistake today was taking the regular winter coat and not the heavier blue parka with the hood. The wind was biting cold. And though the temperature got up to 21°F, the middle of next week is going to be all ±single digits, so the parka will get a good workout.

By the time I got home, there was some drifting on the roads and our driveway. I guess the back roads were closed in some areas tonight until plows can open them up. Our roof is nearly clear, but on the east side of the house was this amazing swirl of blowing snow driven by the gusts. After I pulled in the garage and shut down, I hit the button to close the garage door -- I am so tired of FEELING the cold with the blood thinners I'm still on -- and the closed door rattled and shrieked with the wind. Interesting, because on the other side of the wall, we hear none of that in the living room.

We'll stay in Saturday:

Big question is whether we can get out of the driveway Sunday or Monday. (double-trouble-grin) meanwhile, as the winds howl and tries to shake the house, we'll think about throwing some more hides over the yert...

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