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Amazon Kindle Death Watch Day Five

Actually, For A Death Watch This One Sucks

Monday UPS showed up with Mrs. Dr. Phil's 3rd Kindle. Which replaced the bricked-after-three-hours Mrs. Dr. Phil's 2nd Kindle. Which replaced the no longer works correctly Mrs. Dr. Phil's Gen 1 Kindle Fire. The new unit is a Gen 3 Kindle Fire HDX 7". She got a folding cover with a magnetic closure, which turns out fits inside the zippered case for the original Kindle Fire. The folding cover has cutouts for the new larger power and volume buttons on the back, plus allows the Fire HDX to be inserted without unplugging the charger.

Bricks happen, but she was cautious setting up this one, rather than downloading all her old apps from the Cloud. After all, it's possible that a Gen 1 app messed up the Gen 3 unit. If I have one big complaint about the Kindle Fire, it's that Amazon doesn't want you to use the Android app store, but they do a crappy job of gatekeeping the Kindle app store from having you download or even pay for apps that clearly don't work on your model.

Each generation of Fires have different specs. Besides the evolution of single to dual to quad core processors:

Kindle Fire     - No camera, no microphone, no HDMI port.
Kindle Fire HD  - Camera, mono microphone, HDMI port.
Kindle Fire HDX - Camera, stereo microphone, no HDMI port.

The Gen 3 HDX doesn't have the HDMI cable, because you're supposed to have a Bluetooth TV or Blu-Ray player for the connection. Alas, we do not. But we can Skype video chat with each other from six feet away. (grin)

Chargers R Us

Over the three generations of Kindle Fires, Amazon has also changed their mind as to accessories to ship in the box.

Kindle Fire     - came with fixed cord charger.
Kindle Fire HD  - came with USB to micro-USB cable, deal on quick charger.
Kindle Fire HDX - came with USB to micro-USB cable and quick charger.

Interestingly enough, the directions for returning the bricked unit said explicitly NOT to return the USB cable or the charger. The replacement unit came in a full box. I suppose for Amazon, dealing with cables and chargers isn't worth it. And the extra cable and charger is like a Thank You reward for having had to put up with a defective unit.

So with two working tablets and four working chargers, we now have one each at home and office. Bonus.

I had really thought we'd have gone for an iPad or iPad Mini when we got tablets, but the Kindle Fire tablets have been really good for us. Lord knows I survived my hospital ordeal with my Fire HD. No doubt the Fire won't work for everyone, but since we aren't an Apple shop at home or work, we're both quite satisfied.

Amazon Is Winning

This afternoon Mrs. Dr. Phil got a notice that Flight, the Denzel Washington DC-9 crash movie was available for viewing for free via Amazon Prime. Hmmm... Amazon Video was listed on the menu for our Sony WiFi Blu-Ray player. It gives a code number, which you stick into My TV on Amazon and poof!, you're connected. Clearly there's duplication with Netflix, but we'll take both. Especially as we've already paid for the convenience of Amazon Prime.

Amazon may end up being an evil force in American commerce, like Wal-Mart or Microsoft, but I have to hand it to them, they sure make it convenient to use.

Dr. Phil

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