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13 Days...

To the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Socchi, Russia. Assuming the opportunists, the disgruntled and the terrorists don't piss off the rest of the world by pissing on the peaceful hopes and dreams of thousands of athletes from around the world.

Among the misunderstood and neglected winter sports is the elegant strategic battle chess known as curling. Despite attempts to liven up their reputation, like the Women of Curling calendar -- see LJ/DW icon above -- or the mind numbing outrageous pants of Team Norway -- curling is sometimes mocked because some of the players may be older or paunchy. And everyone laughs at the rule that winners buy the first round, even at the Olympics. Even though I seem to recall that's what everyone expects when they bowl, play softball or golf.

NPR To The Rescue

So it was some amusement that NPR's Morning Edition ran a piece on a Thursday trying to explain curling and included some animations on the web version of the story.

It's not a complete description of the game, focusing more on the mechanics, but it will change your perspective on what's going on.

I, for one, love curling and hope to watch a bunch on whatever of the NBC cable properties plans to showcase it.

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