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A Review! A Review!

Tangent Online has published a review of my short story "The Pulse of the Sea" along with the other contributions to last September's Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology from Windstorm Creative.

Aimee Poynter writes:
“The Pulse of the Sea” by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon opens with Cari waking in a hospital and told that she has been in a terrible train accident from which she suffered multiple serious injuries. The doctor reassures her that she will be rebuilt using machines.

Cari’s body is put back together and her heart is replaced with a mechanical one that does not beat, so she has no pulse. Not only must she deal with the deaths of her parents and brother, but also that she is fundamentally different from nearly every other person she meets.

“The Pulse of the Sea” is a sensitive tale of death and rebirth that examines how humans connect with each other. A beautiful tale, very well done.

Of course she ruins her review by declaring in the next sentence that the next is her favorite story in the collection. (grin)

But I'd say this is pretty good for A Very First Published Review and I think Ms. Poynter "got it." (double-grin)

And thanks to Tangent Online watcher and 2004 Clarion friend Eric for letting "us" know. Eric is getting to be quite a good literary SF/F/H reviewer himself -- I'm not sure I'd fare as nicely under his tender mercies. (three-point-hoop-shot-grin)

Dr. Phil
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