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Once Again We Wait


WMU takes down their Closed On 1/27 message. GVSU also acts like nothing going on.


Already 500 schools closed for Tuesday. Including pretty much all the public schools between here and there. Forecast is for severe wind chills through 7am Wednesday. Roads are slippery and the police are saying stay off the roads tonight, except for emergencies.

This isn't a matter of getting free time. I've got Physics to teach and we've missed three days so far (Kindle autocorrect = "three fatalistic so far hurts" -- WHAT was it thinking?). We've got Exam 1 on Friday, whose forecast is still good, I might add. But it's a matter of safety and a matter of letting the crews do their work and not adding to the problems.


The University of Michigan IS closed on Tuesday. Ann Arbor last closed thirty-six years ago. There was even a stink this month because U of M didn't close on the 6th and 7th. The official explanation is that classes hadn't started yet, so they didn't need to close. Except employees were told to show up or take vacation. There was some question about whether if you tried to take an unpaid day or work from home without prior approval, you could lose your job. Also... the University of Michigan had never actually come up with a list of essential personnel, so they could just let everyone else stay home. No. List. Of. Essential. Employees.

Naturally last week there was a news story where the university pointed out they "never" close. Yeah, that argument fails at Western, too. (grin)

No word yet as to which of these issues have been addressed or what anyone's status or pay on Tuesday will be.

Totally Unnecessary

Lest you think U of M is unique, the University of Illinois also did not close on Monday. But some students responded to an email from the Chancellor stating that school would be open Monday by becoming vicious sexist and racist e-thugs. Unbelievable.

Look, I get it. U of M and U of I are different from a GVSU or a WMU. As the state's flagship school, Ann Arbor and Champaign-Urbana are heavily dominated by their universities. Students and most faculty tend to live closer to campus than in a more regional campus. So the onus is on them to stay open for all those who can brave inclement weather and maintain classes.

And sure, it sucks to walk or drive across campus in weather like this. It's serious. It's bad.

But that's no excuse for making vile threats and statements against an administrator because of race and gender. For my money, I hope they track down some of these people.

Plan B

As for me, I do have an alternative plan for Tuesday. While faculty are no longer allowed to cancel classes -- the university is now worried about getting sued for breach of contract and false advertising more than the safety of their faculty and students, it seems, if I cannot get in or should not get in -- I have the capability of Skype-ing in the lecture if someone with a laptop and Skype can hook up to the projection system. Not ideal, but it covers the bases.

And maybe the phone will ring at 4:25 in the morning again.

Dr. Phil

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