They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Slytherin House

Monday -- a beautiful morning. -5°F in Kalamazoo, 0°F in Grand Rapids and +5°F in Allendale when I set out. Main roads clear but glazed slightly. No real problems.

Until I reached Meijers in Standale, about 12 miles into my run, at Lake Michigan Drive M-45 and Wilson Avenue M-11. There as I slowed for a light the red BRAKE light came on. Okay, not a good idea to drive around without brakes. So I turned around and drove back to Allendale and up to Chevy. Their ride home Montana was sitting in the middle bay, ready to head out so I got a ride home. Told Chevy not to call between 10 and 11. Remembered to take the garage door remote and the handicapped hang tag, just in case.

Then once I got home at just before 9am, I set up to Skype in my 10am lecture. Our computer tech wasn't in, so his laptop which we used the last time, wasn't available. So our lab supervisor had to borrow the chair's laptop -- his own university issued laptop wasn't up to the task. Changed the lighting in the living room and we were online.

Went well I thought.

Oh, Chevy called just before 10am. Main brake line rusted out at 309,000 miles. 4½ hours of labor.very similar to the 1985 Repair at 305,000 miles.

Ah sweet Entropy of life, coming to separate US from our technology and our money.

Dr. Phil

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